I see you found your way to my world.

Within you will find the things dear to my heart, including photos of family and friends, along with my nature photography, expressions of art via my favorite crafts, poetry I have written, an introduction to my first book (not yet published), links to sites I find compelling and a place where I share my love of creating with a living creature; namely Betta Splendens. Check out the beauties I bred on Wild Magic Betta. Even though I am currently not raising them, I do look forward to a future of doing so again at some point.

Here is a little about the person I am; my loves, pet peeves, life thus far, what my goals are and how I feel on some issues.

If you have visited before, please try again. Most of the broken links are now working though there is still some work to do. I don't mind at all if you email me to tell me about any errors you may find here, I appreciate it.

Especially please sign my guest book as I finally have it up and working. I'd really appreciate your comments.

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