Forests, mountains, poetry, creativity, beauty, the Redwoods (the most magical place on earth); theses are a few things I love. I believe in magic. I admire beauty in all its many forms, but especially beauty of the soul. I have a gift for seeing within and understand many things others don't. I am patient & loving, but no one to take advantage of; kind, but capable of great defense. I despise people who use or harm others.

I'm a native Texan, born and breed, fifth generation, but at heart I'm a Northwesterner. I'm one quarter each Cherokee, Irish, German and Scottish. I am your best friend or your worst enemy; you choose.

E-mail me, we'll talk about the mysteries of life ... or not, whatever, it'll be fun and informative for both of us.

I love breeding Show Quality Bettas (Betta Splendens, Siamese Fighting Fish) and have over 500 including my spawns. You will find a link to Wild Magic Betta in the Site Map. To me, it's the ability to create beauty in a living thing; which I find awesome.

I do Native American Glass Bead Work, Cross-Stitch and Crochet. I am into Photography and any medium I can find to express beauty and create. You'll find links on the Site Map to pages with samples of my work. I enjoy reading and writing. I am currently working on an eight book series of which I have completed Book 1. I have also written some poetry.

You will find an introduction to Book 1,"The Founders Stone" below.

I'm very open minded, intelligent & spiritual (not religious). I really enjoy having discussions about anything and learning. I'm very electronically inclined. I believe there isn't anything I can't learn how to do if I try. I revel in life and everything about it. I've suffered many things and endured, gaining the strength from trials to help others. Bringing a smile to someone's face, easing another's pain or burdens is the greatest experience there is in my opinion.

Here are some pictures of myself and family & friends. Hope you enjoy browsing through them.


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