A fascinating and compelling book by one of Fantasy's newest authors. Readers will be captivated by mystery and adventure from the first chapter! The characters come alive before your eyes; rich with warmth and depth, populated with a cast of multi-faceted personalities. Humor and wit abound! Enter a world very much like your own .. or is it? A deep mystery underlies the seemingly ordinary lives of the heros and heroines involved. The order of their world is falling apart around them and it is up to them to turn over every stone, look in every corner and question all they ever thought they knew to gain the answers; answers found in places they would never have guessed .. or even believed existed.
A coiling miasma is seeping into the daily world of their everyday society; what is it's source and who is behind it. What secrets lie hidden and how will the answers be found? Something strange is going on in the forests of the world, what is this evil and what has it to do with the future? Only a few hold the key ... and they aren't aware they do!

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